Alefa spirit

La Grande Terre” ( The Main Land):
That is the way we name, in Nosy-Be, the Malagasy coasts unfolding their silent mystery offshore south.
Canoes and sailing dhows have been cruising off this coast for centuries, their elaborate construction is the product of a slow evolution based on man experience. We have chosen them as means of transportation, for it is ideal to sneak harmoniously along the jagged coast. Furthermore, the charm of sailing propulsion and the omnipresence of wood take a great part in the spirit of the tours we offer.

Going for a trip aboard Alefa’s dhow or pirogue, is first and foremost to embark on a straight out “Thousand and One Nights Tales” boat, to explore the Malagasy North West coast.
It is: to meet a divine ocean, visit a magnificent land with dozens of potential stopovers, secluded beaches, hidden small villages, sand banks, islands, mangroves…. with only just a few hours spent on water for many hours ashore.

It is: to camp every day on a new site, and to go for real adventure, while cultivating an art of living sparing none of our senses; somehow… combining the word “Epicurean” with the word “adventure»…
Unconventional trips, to the discovery of a little known culture within a stunning scenery, unreachable by road.
Diving every day just for the eye delight, enjoy some tapas with a drink, buy fish directly from fishermen, penetrate to the heart of mangroves, watch the kids play. Imbibe smiles; simply wander along the wild immensity of the mysterious landscapes that disappear far eastward.
It is also; to favor a real listening of the Sakalava daily life in the bush, with all its twists and turns, so that each day becomes truly different and unpredictable

It is to avoid planning a rigorous itinerary in order to experience a true story within a real trip.
It is to go together with a fully Malagasy crew and cheerfully enjoy the opportunity to discover, appreciate and respect each other with and beyond our differences.

It is to always stick and even adhere to the Malagasy in general, and particularly Sakalava ground, in order to experience even the slightest outline of this culture.
It is to live at last our buried childhood or adolescent dreams; dreams of a tasty and comfortable tropical freedom, from another era, at the frontier of the unreal, within a few days…