Our circuits range from 3 to 21 days. All are essentially “à la carte” regardless the selected number of days. We plan the itinerary the day before each departure, during a friendly meeting in our premises. This approach to design a route is absolutely part of Alefa circuit’s spirit, for we cannot plan without you the journey we will do together,

However, you will find here, few circuit proposals (4 days, 7 days, 11 days) for reference. Their sole purpose is to convey an idea of a tour, according its duration. It should not be taken literally. Stopovers may be modified at any time by our guides, depending on winds, tides or… simply the group pleasure. The goal is: making sure you experience the best trip possible in this wonderful world, we are still the only ones to attend…..



For those returning from a trip with Alefa and wishing to escape Nosy Be “tourist bustle” while still enjoying the bush charms we suggest a comfort green hotel – The Natura lodge.

(4 days Minimum with Alefa + 2 nights at the lodge).

Located on the “Main Land” Natura Lodge is about an hour by speedboat from Nosy Be. Amongst green hills and turquoise waters, the lodge is lined by a long 9 miles near deserted beach and overlooked by the Souroune Forest, very rich in endemic flora and fauna (numerous birds, nocturnal lemurs …).

It is a little piece of paradise for Crusoe lovers and probably one of the most original structures of the region.

To know more about Natura Lodge, services, activities, boats and transfers, see their website. www.natura-lodge.net

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