A typical day with Alefa

We get up early (about 6.30); for one must go early to benefit from the sun gentleness, calm water, bird songs and favorable wind

Around eight o’clock we weigh anchor and start sailing toward our destination of the day. We are diving almost daily. Along the way, we explore rich and various subaquatic spots rarely visited except by us.

If spearfishing is not a must the first 3 days, it becomes one, from the 4rth; in these remote areas, we have to provide for our daily food.

Lunch is generally taken under coconut trees, then napping, lounging, swimming…

By midafternoon, the sun is less ardent and nature wakes up. We walk around for an hour or two, to observe the flora and fauna, often endemic, and yet always different from one place to another.

It is also an opportunity to visit a village, pick lemons, mangoes, and taste rare fruits or paddle up a river… But the days are short and the sun goes down, his golden light sprinkling the surrounding scenery…

So, let’s take a good shower before the nigh sets in; there is always a fresh water-spring nearby.

Then it is time to enjoy happy hour and diner under the stars… and … Good night!

We may sometimes, in order to explore a particularly rich site, spend two nights on the same spot.
This will allow us to deepen the discovery of a region and, therefore, even more immerse ourselves in this unique and little known universe: The Sakalava land.

Spear guns are at everyone’s disposal but sailors are very efficient at catching our fish in abundance.

The main purpose of these underwater visits is to have fun, admiring a beautiful and totally preserved world. As Gods are merciful, a salutary breeze rises around 10:30 and gently pushes us towards our next camp, we will reach around noon.